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  • Counseling Department Hours

    August 26 - September 4

    Since counselors are working remotely, students and families can access their school counselor through appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking the link below next to the counselor's name. Counselors will call through Google Meet at your selected appointment time. Counselors can only call students and families through Google Meet, so the phone number will show up as an out-of-state number.

    Records Requests - Please E-mail Lisa Mills: lisa.mills@spps.org 

    Academy of Finance (AOF)9th-12th- Kia Thao, kia.thao@spps.org  (https://calendly.com/msthao)

    9th - Choua Vang, choua2.vang@spps.org (https://calendly.com/choua2-vang)

    10th - Farah Abuqalbeen, farah.abuqalbeen@spps.org (https://calendly.com/farah1)

    11th- Rebecca Mendoza, rebecca.mendoza@spps.org (https://calendly.com/rebeccamendoza)

    12th- Ashley Rignell, ashley.rignell@spps.org (https://calendly.com/rignell)


  • The CPHS Counseling team offers a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the three domains of student development: Academic, College/Career, and Personal/Social.

    Specific services include:

    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Crisis Support
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Academic Support and Planning
    • Post-Secondary Planning
  • Leaving Como? 

    Complete this Withdrawal Form, and turn it in to your counselor.

  • ACT/SAT Registration

    Como Park Senior High School's ACT/SAT registration and College Application High School Code is 242280.

  • Schedule Changes


    Elective Change Requests

    If a student did not get a course they requested it may be because:

       The course was full,
       The course is no longer being offered,
       The course conflicts with another course your student wanted,
       The student did not meet the prerequisites.

    Students can change schedules for the first 2 weeks of the semester due to
    the following: incorrect core course, improper course level, course conflicts, documented health concerns.

    In order to effeciently address all student requests for schedule changes, counselors will not be seeing students in the auditorium for elective change requests.  Students must click the link below and complete the online form.  Counselors will then process the request within 48 hours and e-mail the new schedule to the student.  

    Elective Change Request Form

@ComoCounselors on Twitter