Ms. Rice



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rice

5th grade Special Education Teacher

I joined St. Paul Public Schools in 2001 after graduating at Minnesota State University Mankato (MSU) with my Ungraduate Degree in Elementary Education. I found my passion while substituting for the SPPS district in Special Education.  I went back to school and receieved my Masters at MSU in Special Education for Emotional Behavioral Disorders.


Special Education Teacher

For over 11 years I worked as the self-contained EBD 5th/6th grade Special Education Teacher in the Learning Center. As of 2013, St. Paul Public School's vision for inclusion changed. I have been blessed to change my role to co-teaching with the 5th grade General Education teachers.  This role has changed a lot of my personal and educational views on inclusion. I have witnessed many accomplishments, big and small, in the general education classroom with the lens of a Special Education teacher. 

My passion as well as my experiences have taught me so much through the years. I share the same vision as many teachers, that every child deserves the right to be prepared for college. I have two small children of my own and know how important education is in life. Knowledge is the one thing that no one can take away from you. I walk into Vento every day knowing that each child I see needs to have a positive education experience. My goal is to give that expierence to them.

There are many reasons I have stayed here at Vento for 15 years.  But one of the main reasons is because of the children and families I have met. I look forward to anonther wonderful year here at Vento. My promise to you and your child is making a POSITIVE education experience and prepare them for college!


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