End of the Day Student Pick Up Options

  • End of Day Student Pick- up Options

    To ensure student safety Wellstone implements the following plan for students who are being picked up by a parent or guardian at the end of the day.   All pick-up students go to the auditorium to be supervised by a staff person until their parents arrive to pick them up. We provide the following 2 options for parents.

    Option 1- Parents may park their car in an open parking space in the parking lot or on any of the residential streets and come into the auditorium to sign their children out.  Do not park your car in the parking lot drive.

    Option 2- This option is a courtesy to help parents avoid the difficulty of finding a parking space and/or having to unload small children and come inside. If you choose this option there will be a staff person outside to facilitate having your child sent directly out to your car. Please follow the steps below.

    Enter the parking lot on Cook St. The first car in line will stop in front of the steps to the entrance to the school. The following cars will form a line behind the first car. During cold or rainy weather the line can be quite long.  It is important that you please be patient and stay in the line.  

    A staff person will greet you at your car, get the name of your child and have you sign them out. Your child will then be sent directly out to your car.

    If you have questions or concerns please let us know.

    Reminder–Marion St. is one way through our parking lot. Please enter from Cook and exit at Lawson.  You cannot park your car in the drive.  If you want to come into the school you must park in a marked parking space or on a residential street. Thank you for your cooperation.