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Middle School Grading Policy

AIMS Grading Protocol 

Overarching Goal: To implement a school-wide grading system that is consistent and accessible to students, staff and families in order to accurately assess, calculate and display student learning.   

Assessment/Summative: 40% of the final grade 

-Assignments under this section include common unit assessments such as projects, tests, presentations and any other summative work.

Daily Work/Formative: 60% of the final grade 

-Assignments under this section include common formative assessments (exit tickets, learner response answers, quizzes, etc.) class work and homework.

Late Policy:

-Missing formative work can be turned in for credit up to a week after the end of the unit with a 10% points deduction.

-Missing summative assessments must be completed by the end of the quarter.


-Reassessment is allowed for any student who needs to retake an assessment within a quarter.

-Reassessment may be performed within the content class or Foundations class, scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Grades Posted:

-Teachers will have grading completed and entered into Schoology within two weeks of the assignment due date.


A+  100-97

B+  89-87

C+  79-77

D+  69-67

A    96-93

B    86-83

C    76-73

D    66-63

A-   92-90

B-   82-80

C-   72-70

D-   62-60




N 59 and below