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Lunch and Remodel Update 

Because AIMS Circle Room and kitchen are being remodeled this year, we have to be creative with lunch.  The original plan was to have a semi food truck deliver hot daily lunches, but due to pandemic supply chain issues, we were not able to secure the proper vehicle.  So Plan B is to have cold lunches delivered every day.  See the menu for the first few weeks.

While this is not ideal, our Nutrition Services has worked hard to create individual bags each day that meet nutrition guidelines and offer some variety and taste.  

Students will eat lunch in their own classroom.  This will be the plan until MEA break in mid-October.  After that, students will eat in our new Administration wing on the first floor.  It will be used as our temporary lunchroom this year.      

This is will be the most challenging year of our 5-year renovation as major spaces are being rebuilt this year that impact the entire school.  After this year, the remodel will be contained to the 3rdfloor, 2nd floor and lastly the 1st floor. 

This year, our new addition along 3rd Street will be open and used by our middle school program while our 4th floor is closed off and completely rebuilt this year.  Next year, middle school will return to the new 4th floor and our 3rd floor classes will move into the new addition while the 3rd floor will be closed and entirely redone.   

This is a massive undertaking and not without its challenges and stressors.  Rest assured, SPPS, myself and all contractors meet regularly to make sure the project is on track and minimizing disruption to the overall learning environment.   


Dr. Brown 

Lunch Menu