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Construction Update October 2021



AIMS is under construction…   We are in the middle of Year Two of a Five Year renovation and addition.  AIMS has served its students and community well for several decades but it was time to upgrade and expand.   


As you can see when you drive by Third Street, we have a massive 3-story addition and the entire front of the school is getting a new space.  The addition along the side of the building is about 96% completed and all classrooms and are used by our Middle School students this 2021-2022 year. 

The front that is being built right now will next year be our new Administration Offices and Media Center.  Our old Circle Room is also undergoing a complete transformation currently, as the walls are being demolished and new ones will be built in a perimeter about 15 feet larger than the previous room’s footprint.  When completed, this space will be our new lunchroom and cafeteria.  

In addition to all this, our old 4th floor is currently being demolished to the load-bearing beams and completely rebuilt from the floor up.  The plan is to have this floor completed by next fall, then our Middle School can return to an entirely new space.     


2022-2023 will see our 3rd floor classrooms move to the new addition for a year while that entire floor gets demolished and rebuilt.  This process will be repeated for 2nd floor the following year, and for 1st floor the year after that.  

It is not just an addition, and it is not just a remodel...  It is both, and there is no denying that this will be a long, messy and (at times) noisy process.  But the bulk of the real messy and loud work is done when students and staff are not on the premises.  Each year will be stressful as staff and students will have to make temporary moves until the entire project is done.  Doing this all in the middle of a pandemic has proven challenging as supply chain issues has delayed materials at times.  

But all the waiting and all the stress will be worth it.  With its stunning open areas and tastefully indigenous-themed design, AIMS will certainly be one of the premiere school buildings in the state, if not the nation when it's all completed.

Dr. Tim Brown

AIMS Principal

Rendering of main lobby areaOld building meets new building2nd floor new areaThe new media center: The Longhouse

Rendering of completed Circle Room