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SPPS Athletics Update - October 8, 2020

The Minnesota Departments of Health and Education have released new guidance around spectators at school activities and athletic events. Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is reviewing the updated guidelines to determine whether any changes will be made to the SPPS spectator policy for the current and upcoming seasons. The current policy remains in effect until further notice. Please look for further communication from your school’s Athletic Director and your child’s coaches.

The updated state guidelines can be found on pages 20-21 of the 2020-21 Planning Guide for Minnesota Public Schools (PDF). They include:

  • Up to 2 spectators per participant for indoor events, not to exceed 250 people or 25% of the venue’s capacity. The total number of spectators allowed depends on the size of the venue and how much distance can be maintained between participants and spectators

  • Spectators are only allowed at official competitions or events

  • School districts must require advanced reservations and/or ticketing. Walk-ins, impromptu purchases or admittance are not allowed.

  • Schools must schedule arrival times for longer than their typical duration to minimize the congregation of spectators waiting. They must establish staggered admission entry times to minimize overlap and congregating of spectators (e.g. access points, security checkpoints, admission areas, concession areas)