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SPPS Middle School Sports Update

Saint Paul Public Schools has had to make several difficult decisions about what programs we are able to safely offer this fall during a continuing COVID-19 pandemic. One of those decisions was around middle school sports. Several challenges, including staff availability, transportation, student safety and participation levels in middle school sports, make SPPS unable to offer any middle school sports this fall.

It is also possible that we will not be able to offer middle school sports if and when SPPS transitions to a hybrid learning model, due to the same challenges listed above. SPPS will reassess this decision each season to determine if we are able to offer middle school sports this winter or spring.

We understand how hard this decision may be on our middle school students and families, and hope to be able to offer extracurricular activities as soon as it is possible for us to do so. Thank you for your support of SPPS and your students.

If you have additional questions, please contact your school’s Athletic Director.