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Event Recycling Equipment Rental

 Make your next school event a sustainable one! The Facilities Department offers free, easily transportable and set-up recycling equipment for any school event - inside or out! Contact your School's Head Engineer and request to rent out the Facilities Event Recycling Equipment.

The ClearStream recycling containers may be paired with a ClearStream trash container to allow guests the option to either dispose of their waste OR recycle it.  Events utilize a lot of one-use materials for food, beverages, entertainment, etc. and much of these materials are recyclable.  Rent the recycling equipment for your next event and help Saint Paul Public Schools reduce its waste!

The Event Recycling and Trash Package Includes:

  • 1 Recycling Container Transporter (pictured below)
  • 1 Trash Container Transporter
  • 20 Recycling Lids and Frames (pictured below)
  • 20 Trash Lids and frames
  • 20 Recycling Billboards
  • Specialized Trash and Recycling Bags (pictured below)
  • Easy Set-Up Instructions 
Transporter Bags Recycling Container