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Compostable Trays District Wide!


Starting this 2017-2018 school year, St Paul Public Schools has said down with Styrofoam! While most schools use reusable trays on a daily basis, sometimes Styrofoam gets used. These trays can be collected in the new Compost Organics Program, there is no need to have a seperate Blue Bags Program anymore! the District will only use compostable trays in lieu of reuseable on days when disposable trays are necessary.



On February 29th, 2016 Highland Park Elementary and Randolph Heights began utilizing all compostable trays! This pilot program is paved the way for even greater waste reduction across the District. Highland Park Elementary and Randolph Heights typically utilize 87,575 styrofoam trays per year! By introducing compostable trays SPPS eliminates 87,575 pieces of styrofoam from entering the waste stream EVERY YEAR.

Furthermore, the compostable trays are made from a natural paper pulp that overtime decompose - making a full circle from beginning to end rather than producing excess waste. The trays are collected in Blue Bags that are specially designed to break down when in a commercial compost facility. You know what the coolest part of this is? The Blue Bags can be placed into the trash dumpster, no separate container necessary! The Blue Bags are sorted out from the trash and are later transported to a compost facility.