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Celebrate Earth Day the SPPS Way

It’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite planet!

Earth Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the beautiful spaces around us and help make our community a little bit cleaner and a little bit greener. Take some time today, and every day, to do a little of both!

Boy and girl playing outside  Kids pulling weeds  child blowing bubbles

Here are some easy ways to celebrate:

Visit the SPPS Earth Day Page

Our Earth Day webpage is full of information and activities about Earth Day and sustainability at home and at SPPS!

Feeling more indoors-y? Now you can support renewable energy from your couch.

Supporting clean, local, renewable energy has never been easier. Signing up only takes a few minutes and the average Saint Paul household can cover 100% of its electricity for less than an additional $10 per month. Join Windsource today.

Spread the word with art

We love sidewalk art! Create your own sidewalk masterpieces with chalk to share the messages of Earth Day and spread cheer and community. If you are caring for little ones, this is a great activity for them, too. Here are some idea starters:

  • Happy Earth Day. Spread some sunshine!
  • Happy Earth Day. Hug your favorite tree!
  • Happy Earth Day. Green looks good on you!

How big is your carbon footprint?

Have you ever wondered just how much your home contributes to greenhouse gas emissions? Visit to learn about your household’s current use of energy and see what you can do to reduce the size of your carbon footprint.

Clean up the neighborhood

Get together with a few friends, grab gloves and a trash bag to clean up your neighborhood. Take a walk through your local park or down the block to pick up any trash you see to keep Saint Paul beautiful. You can also sign up for the Citywide Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 24, at a Saint Paul park near you.

Re-think that second fridge

That fridge in your garage or basement could be costing you a bunch in electricity costs. You can have it taken away for free – and earn a $50 rebate:

Make an impact with small changes

Behavior change can influence your energy and water use. Consider these simple changes to your everyday routine:

  • Air 'em out: Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle.
  • Don’t peek: Opening the door of your oven can lower the cooking temperature by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use cold water and skip the dryer: Use a cold-water cycle when washing your clothes, and hang dry as much as you can.