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It’s Time to Choose a Great School. Priority Application Deadline Friday, Feb. 28

Published by Saint Paul Public Schools Feb. 13, 2020

App Deadline

Applying to SPPS schools this year? The school priority application deadline is Friday, Feb. 28. Completing the application process by the priority deadline gives families the best opportunity to get their highest preference school selection. 

As you make enrollment decisions, here are a few highlights of the things SPPS offers to consider:

FREE Half-Day and Full-Day Pre-K. SPPS offers half-day (2.5 hours) and full-day Pre-K programs; all classes meet five days a week. Our Pre-K program focuses on teaching children to see themselves as capable learners, develop reading, writing and math skills, and how to work well with other children and adults.

Free Breakfast. The award-winning SPPS Nutrition Services department offers free breakfast to all students, every day. In addition to improving student achievement -- children who eat breakfast show improved cognitive function, attention and memory -- meals at school help reduce hyperactivity and behavior or attention problems. Research also shows breakfast eaters experience fewer stomach aches and headaches, fewer school nurse visits and are at a reduced risk for obesity.

English Learner Programs. SPPS provides English language development and education for students whose home language is not English. 

Immersion/Dual Language programs. SPPS established the first immersion school in Minnesota in 1986 and was the first district in the state to teach Mandarin. SPPS offers immersion programs in four languages (Spanish, French, Chinese and Hmong) and dual-language instruction in Spanish and Hmong as early as Pre-K.

Special Education Services. Students with disabilities deserve the same school experience as their peers in general education/traditional classrooms. All schools have some special education and related services. SPPS also has dedicated special education programs/schools for students with needs that may not be met in traditional school settings.

Athletics. Athletic opportunities vary by school, but every student will learn about leadership, teamwork, building character, competition and school pride. 

Early College. SPPS is proud to be a school district where students can earn 12 free college credits while in high school. More than 5,000 students are currently taking advantage of Early College opportunities such as Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), College in the Schools, certificate programs and more.

Flight Simulator Labs. SPPS has seven state-of-the-art Flight Simulators, comparable to the Air Force Academy in Colorado as part of our Aerospace and Engineering program.

Belwin Outdoor Science Center. SPPS provides a nature center as part of its curriculum. The Belwin Outdoor Science Center, operated by SPPS, is located just north of Afton. It provides a 5,000 square foot main classroom building, an additional special education classroom, an observatory (managed by the Minnesota Astronomical Society) and eight miles of trails.

Como Planetarium. SPPS is the only school district in Minnesota with its own planetarium. It is located inside Como Park Elementary School and serves more than 9,000 students and families annually. The district offers a full curriculum at the planetarium, which serves not only SPPS students but state and regional schools as well. Learn more at 

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