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November Readings and Reading Activities
PDF Week 3: Lesson 16: Doctor's Visit   --  Reading and reading activities handout

  Week 3: Lesson 16 Audio: Doctor's Visit   --  This is an audio recording of the reading.

PDF Week 3: Lesson 16 Answers: Doctor's Visit   --  Answers to the reading activities

  Lesson 16: Listening Test: Doctor's Appointment   --  This is the listening test for the reading "Samsam's Doctor's Appointment".

PDF Lesson 17: Doctor's Orders   --  Reading and reading activities

  Lesson 17: Audio: Doctor's Orders   --  This is the audio recording of the story.

PDF Lesson 17: Doctor's Orders: Answers   --  Answers to the reading activities.

  Lesson 17: Listening Test: Dr's Orders

document Is Black Friday Worth the Effort? Answers   --  Answers to vocabulary and reading questions.

  Is Black Friday Worth the Effort? Audio   --  Audio recording of the story.