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March Readings
PDF Why Work?   --  Reading and reading activities

  Why Work?   --  Audio recording of the story

  Why Work? Spelling and Dictation Test

  Antonio's Goal   --  Audio recording of the story

  Mariam's Goal   --  Audio recording of the story

document Career Pathways: Carlos Story   --  Reading and reading activities with answers.

  Career Pathways: Carlos' Story   --  Audio recording of the story.

  Carlos' Story: Spelling & Dictation Test   --  Audio recording or the spelling and dictation test.

PDF Samsam Looks for a Job   --  Reading and reading activities

  Samsam Looks for a Job   --  Audio recording to the story

PDF Samsam's Interview   --  Reading and reading activities

  Samsam's Interview   --  Audio recording of the story

  Samsam's Interview: Listening Test   --  Spelling, phonics, and dictation test