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November: Health

Link to video on bacteria and viruses.

PDF Week 1: Class Work: Body Parts   --  Classroom handouts and activities
document Body Parts PowerPoint   --  Pictures and audio of body parts
PDF Week 1: Class Work: Illnesses & Injuries   --  Classroom handouts and activities
document Illnesses and Injuries PowerPoint   --  Pictures and audio of illnesses and injuries
document Symptoms for Illnesses PowerPoint   --  Pictures and audio for illnesses and symptoms of illnesses
document Common Illnesses Readings   --  6 different readings about 6 different common illnesses: the common cold, the flu, ear infection, sinus infection, Strep throat, and the stomach flu.
document Which Illness is it? PowerPoint   --  You will see two or three symptoms. Guess which illness it is.
document Health Sentence and Word Scramble PowerPoint   --  Write the sentences using correct word order. Write the words using correct letter order.

  How to Call 911   --  Audio for calling 911.