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Read about Study Skills

Study Skills Video

Do Your Homework

Good Study Habits

Time Management Video

The Value of Education Story -- Keep working towards your goal!

Doing Homework Picture Story : Look at the pictures in this story. Write a sentence for each picture.

Maria's Problem Story : Read this story about a woman who has to make a choice about her education. There are worksheets to go with the story. 



Create a Gmail Account


video Creating Gmail Account   --  Watch this video about how to create a Gmail email account.
video Sending an Email   --  Watch this video on how to send an email in Gmail.
video Opening & Replying to Email Messages   --  Watch this video to learn how to open a message that someone sends to you in Gmail. Also lean how to reply (or send back) a message to that person.
video Adding an Attachment   --  Watch this video to learn how to add an attachment to an email in Gmail.
video Deleting Files from the Desktop   --  Watch this video to learn how to delete a file from the Computer Desktop.