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Seesaw Access and Account Upgrades for EAs and TAs

To be added to Seesaw or have their accounts upgraded to include all the features available as part of Seesaw for Schools, EAs/TAs should take the Seesaw for K-3 Classroom Support Staff course in Schoology. 

EAs/TAs can sign up for course #10321 ODAE PL: Seesaw for K-3 Classrooms (Support Staff) in PowerSchool at to be automatically enrolled in the Seesaw course in Schoology.

Once EAs/TAs have completed the course, they should send a screenshot showing their exit ticket results of 100% to the teacher whose classroom they are supporting in Seesaw. The teacher will put in a Service Desk ticket requesting the EA/TA be added to their class to have all the features of the Seesaw for Schools Seesaw accounts.