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Update for Student Technology Support and Curbside Operations

As SPPS moves closer to having students in all grades back “in person,” Technology Services is updating the expectations of ongoing student support options.

Over the past few weeks as elementary schools welcomed students back and secondary schools have opened their doors in a support capacity, Technology Services has positioned ourselves to support staff and students on-site directly in their buildings.

Additional staffing for technology support for VLS students have been stationed at five secondary sites (Washington, Humboldt, Central, Harding and Johnson). Please note the family support phone line is still active and available to all distance learners.

These opportunities will not change on April 14. Students who are in-person will return to a familiar support model that includes school-guided support via teachers, peers, TOSAs, iPad managers and field support staff.

Students staying in the distance model will continue to have access to the family support line and hands-on support at one of the five designated VLS technology support sites. Technology Services asks that the areas at the five VLS support sites are reserved for distance learners. All students who are returning to in-person should follow the traditional site level support that is in place. Staff may continue to use the Service Desk.

Please note: All VLS technology support sites will be closed over spring break. The family support line will still be available at 651-603-4348.


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Technology Services