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Important Information about Proofpoint Email Filtering

This summer you began receiving daily emails from a service called Proofpoint. The Office of Technology Services incorporated this service into the District’s email system to aggressively filter spam and phishing emails.
Proofpoint scans, filters and quarantines potentially harmful emails and attachments. It also provides spoofing protection that prevents email forgeries where a message appears to be from someone it’s not. 
The Proofpoint Digest emails include the following sender and subject information:
From: SPPS-Quarantine
Subject: End User Digest
The email includes a list of filtered emails. You may click on the included links to view and manage any emails that have been quarantined by the system. Click here to learn more about how to manage the contents of your Proofpoint Digest.
Please note that you may still receive emails in your Office 365 junk email folder.
If you have any questions, contact Technology Services or 651-603-HELP.