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Grammar Practice

Grammar Practice

Basic Guide to Writing and Grammar

This website is an excellent resource for learners to review grammar rules. It also helps the writer to understand good sentence and paragraph structure.
Click HERE to practice your writing

adjectives with'ed' and 'ing'

 3.   Comparatives and SUperlativers Lesson   Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz          Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz 

4. Confusing words: Lend and Borrow    

5.   Verbs Used with Money     

6. Present and Present Continuous  

7. Adjectives ending in ed  OR ing  LESSON  GAME


Click HERE   and   HERE   to practice using the correct adjective when describing things or feelings

Here to practice matching the correct adjectives in a sentence

Articles- A,An,The,Some

Articles- explanation HERE       Quiz HERE-fill in on paper      Online quizzes   Here  and HERE  and HERE

Connecting Ideas with "Because"

Click HERE to write sentences using because to connect ideas from two sentences. 

Frequency Adverb Practice


Make Sentences HERE   and write them HERE

Take Quiz HERE

Future Tense

Practice using the future tense with the following exercises.


Click HERE Read the Lesson on use of Future tense and then do the exercises

Clink HERE to practice simple Future with will. 

Click HERE to practice simple Future with going to

HERE for the multiple choice quiz

Gerunds and Infinitives


Gerunds and Infinitives       Quiz 2       Quiz 3


Grammar Lessons 

reading Pronunciation Speaking Skills-

Present Continuous

Practice these exercises at school and at home
Click HERE to practice the Present Continuous. Continue with the exercises below the lesson.

Present Perfect Tense

Click Here to read about the rules for the present perfect tense

Click Here for more practice of the present perfect tense.

Have you practices the present perfect tense? Click HERE This site is more difficult, but it gives more examples for Present Perfect.

SImple Past Tense

Click on the links below to study the use of simple past tense.

Simple Present Tense

Read the explanations for forming the present tense and asking questions. Try the exercises in each section.

Subject and Object Pronoun Practice

Pronouns Lessons

Lesson 2      Practice 1         Practice 2     Practice 3       Practice 4         Practice 5


YES/NO Questions

Read and Practice making simple yes/no questions