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May-June unit

 May-June Unit: Rules and Law

May-June Rules and Law Unit 





1. Crime in America Listening And Vocabulary Story   HERE    

2. Ways to Reduce Crime Listening Story HERE      

3. Read the Story Neighbors Fight HERE 
After Listening and reading the stories, click the activities button.
Discuss the question: What are 3 things neighbors can do to get along?          
Read the "Learn More from Other Websites" stories about "Voices of Adult Learners: Getting Along with People".   Compare to one of your own postive experiences.    

4. Read the story and do activities Hate Crime  HERE   

5. Theft Occurs Everywhere Story HERE

6. Listen and Read Story on Personal Security HERE

7.Traffic Ticket


Law and Lawsuit Stories 

Legal Vocabulary: Court Case VIDEO                Law Vocabulary                  

  Video: Police Interrogation               Man Steals Bank Information


1. Many people bring lawsuits against another person or organization. Read this story HERE about a young student who wanted to sue her school. Do the vocabualry activities.

2. Read about a community that claims a law is racist New Law for Taco Trucks  

3. Can cameras in Police Cars reduce lawsuits? READ HERE

4. Lawsuit Settlement Listening activity HERE

Marriage: Added discussion to ALLStar pages on obtaining a License HERE  Vocabulary HERE

Memorial Day Lesson

Mock Trial Lesson Here
Summer Fun in Minnesota
After looking at Minnesota's symbols, check out the other state symbols on the left