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January-Rights and Responsibilities Unit


1. Listening Practice for English learners
 Neighbors Fight HERE 
After Listening and reading the stories, click the activities button. Discuss the question: What are 3 things neighbors can do to get along?                 

3. Protests and Riots. Why do people protest? Read and listen to these conversations. Discuss and do the activities. HERE 


Watch the videos and read more about Rosa Parks. She was an important person in the history of the civil rights movement. She refused to give up her seat on the city bus in Montgomery Alabama. She acted in the time when people were thrown in jail if they didn't follow the rules of segregation of Black and White people. She was part of a larger group of people who said that the inequality and discrimination against people of her race was unfair, unjust and wrong.

Click HERE to watch this other video from an educational site. Write in your  name (first name and first letter of last namel) your in the box so that you can get to the video.

Read about Rosa Parks

5. Martin Luther King  ELCIVICS explanation

Understand the many ways in which MLK changed all of America by pushing for justice and freedom for African Americans. Two videos show the difficult struggles that African Americans faced in all aspects of life.  The other two videos document MLK's life and speeches.

Click Here to look at the videos of Martin Luther King and the struggles for equality. Put your first name and 1 letter for last name. 

6. Bill of Rights  ELCIVICS lessons    Lessons HERE                Bill of Rights Explained          Ben's Guide to U.S. Government-Bill of Rights

7.  Who Represents Me







Vocabulary and Spelling

Rights and Responsibilites WEEK 1

Rights and Responsibilities WEEK 2

Rights and Responsibilites WEEK 3