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Board Approves Dedication of Holleran Hall

Board Approves Dedication of Holleran Hall


On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the Saint Paul Public Schools Board unanimously approved a proposal to rename our school cafeteria and start a lunch fund for students in need.


Last spring, I asked the school community and our PTA how we might honor Mike Holleran’s legacy. I took the ideas that were shared and met with his widow, Carol. Together, we came up with the plan to dedicate a space at Horace Mann School and to start a lunch fund for students.


Mike Holleran was our head engineer for 28 years. He worked for decades making Horace Mann School the best it could be. He guided and supported three renovations and two additions. He had a great sense of humor. He could fix anything and often helped others outside his work day. He had a soft heart for the kids who got in trouble helping them do community service to fix their mistakes. Mike went to after-school events and activities, even though his work day was long done. He managed his crew and kept the building and cafeteria clean. In the 14 years we worked together, I only remember him being gone for summer vacations and his father's funeral. In the end, Mike Holleran caught COVID in October 2020 and wasn’t able to fight off the illness in the days before vaccines and treatments. He passed away on November 7, 2020. His wife and family want his story shared to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and boosted.


Horace Mann School received permission to rename the Horace Mann School cafeteria as Mike Holleran Hall. In addition, his family will create a lunch fund for students in need at Horace Mann School.


We couldn't think of a better way to honor the legacy of a man who personified service, dedication, and hard work than renaming a space he cleaned every day and in which he interacted with students and staff, and to provide lunches for the children about whom he cared so much.


Contact Principal Litwin if you would like to help with the design of the signage, the plan for the ceremony or want to donate to the lunch fund, ceremony, or signage.