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Horace Mann School Input for Teachers for 2022-2023 Class Placement


Class lists for the 2022-2023 school year will be available through Campus in early August and posted on the cafeteria windows by August 26, 2022.


The teachers and the staff will work together to create the 2022-2023 classes. The teachers worked very hard this year with you and your child. They have a deep and broad understanding of each child's unique needs and strengths, learning style, academic levels in all subjects, peer relationships, leadership qualities, behavioral strengths and needs, family communication style, and family ability to support the classroom. The team will use their experience, knowledge of child development, and understanding of educational fundamentals to develop class placements.


Our top priority is to create balanced classrooms where every child has an optimal environment for success.


IMPORTANT: We may not know how many sections we will have next year before this is due. We may not know how many composite classes (more than one grade in a room). Let us know how you think your child would do in a composite class environment in question 9. Forms that include request for specific teachers will NOT be considered and will be deleted.


This is an opportunity for families to share any other additional information they feel the teacher has not yet learned. This form is due by Monday, April 25, 2022Click here to complete the form.