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Horace Mann School Winter Weather Plans

The safety and well-being of students and staff is a top priority. We know that exercise and play helps students to concentrate and learn. We take students out each day for recess during winter. If school is open, we go outside. We go on outdoor field trips.


The only exception is when the wind chill chart indicates that students could get frostbite in less than 30 minutes.


Please have your child dress for outdoor activities/recess during winter.

  • Label all clothing with your child's last name.
  • Your child should wear layers. A shirt and sweater/sweatshirt are a good start. Long pants and long underwear/PJ bottoms/leggings help.
  • Each child needs a good winter coat, good gloves or mittens, and a good hat.
  • Warm boots are a must.

If you need help for clothing or boots, please contact our counselor or social worker.


Our District has a winter weather plan. If there are changes to the school day due to weather, you will be notified through phone, email, text, and school and district websites. Notification will be sent to media outlets (TV, newspaper, radio.) There are three scenarios in winter: cold days, snow days, and early closings. We will have Digital Learning or e-Learning Days instead of snow days or cold days. Bookmark the Horace Mann e-Learning Plan for details. Saint Paul Public Schools will not delay start times, but may close early.