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A Message from Lifetouch

Dear Mississippi Creative Arts Parents ~

Let me begin by thanking each of you for your faithful and loyal support over the years. We at Lifetouch value this partnership and do not take it for granted, as a result, that is what makes this letter so difficult to write.
As most of you are aware, we had a very difficult fall season during the transition into our new production platform.  It caused many headaches and issues that we are still trying to straighten out. We have made the necessary corrections going forward and are excited where this will lead us in the years to come.
Having said that, I regret to inform each of you, that we will not be able to print the Classroom Composites for the 2019-2020 school year. I understand this is disappointing news, but with our production issues and now the COVID-19 plant shutdown, it will not happen.  The Administration and Office Staff at Mississippi Creative Arts has been very understanding, supportive and helpful as I explained this to them.
Here is what we are offering to show now sincere we are in continuing our partnership:
1 - going forward all students, buying and non-buyering, will receive a Classroom Composite as a gift from Lifetouch 
2 - we will be providing a $10 gift certificate for each student for the coming school year
3 - Lifetouch will be making a $250 donation to Mississippi Creative Arts School
Any parent who ordered the Package S @ $9.00 (Composite only) can call our National Call Center at: 1-800-736-4753 and request a refund.
Please know how deeply sorry we are for this, we do appreciate your understanding and will do all we can to better serve you in the years to come.