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ELL Math B

ELL Math B
Prerequisite: A score of 200 or above on CASAS Math, or teacher recommendation.
In ELL Math B, students learn the basics of the topics listed below. 
Students will learn how to:
  • Represent and apply numbers to a variety of equivalent forms within different contextual situations
  • Explore, identify, analyze, and extend patterns in mathematical and adult contextual situations
  • Collect, organize and represent data
  • Use and apply geometric properties and relationships to describe the physical world while identifying and analyzing the characteristics of geometric figures
  • Use calendars and clocks
  • Understand pay stubs and tax forms.
  • Understand banking procedures and the use of a check register.
  • Determine the best prices on products.
  • Plan transportation using schedules and fare information.
  • Read menus.
  • Calculate costs, mileage and gasoline consumption using rates.
  • Understand medication labels.
  • Recognize standard measures.
  • Identify product containers.
  • Calculate length, perimeter, area, volume, and height or weight.