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Introduction to Health Care Careers

Course Description:

This class is designed to introduce you to the field of health care. You will explore careers in direct and indirect health care; including nursing, emergency medical technician, physical therapist, home health aide and health care interpreter.

Every unit  will encourage learners to collaborate with other learners and pull from their experience regarding the different careers. Practical job skills will be introduced along with reading, speaking and listening activities. Learners will assess the job descriptions and determine whether or not the job would be a good fit with the students' own skills and interests.

Computer skills are primarily aimed at being able to find information about a career. Students will research careers, find information about salary, future prospects, required education, skills, and experience.


ELL High Level 2-5
CASAS Reading (197-229) Using the CASAS Reading form 83/84. Testing is completed at registration.

  • 8 week commitment
  • desire to explore different health care careers


Next steps and additional career information:

Upon completion of this course students (when eligible) may have the options to move into a Pre-CNA, Medical Office Preparation or Introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS).


For more information download the flyer below:

 Introduction to Health Care Careers-Day

 Introduction to Health Care Careers-Evening