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Medical Office

Flyer: Medical Office Prep

Screencast for Medical Office Prep class

Medical Office Preparation

Medical Office Preparation (MOP) is a hybrid learning class.  Hybrid learning means that students meet in class, face-to-face, with a teacher and other students part of the time – the rest of the course work is completed online via distance learning - outside of class, independently, or in a lab with some help from a tutor. 

Students in this class work toward meeting the following goals:

  • Identify a medical office career path
  • Strengthen academic reading/writing skills
  • Develop professional communication skills
  • Master basic medical terminology
  • Develop basic computer skills
  • Prepare for the Accuplacer college entrance exam
  • Complete steps to transition to college and work 

Students will prepare for entry-level office jobs and/or post-secondary education in the healthcare field. Students who complete this class typically continue on to other areas of study including health unit coordinator or medical billing and coding.


TABE 11/12 M Reading test 442+

CASAS 226+

Ability to pass a background test

Class Outcomes:

To receive a Medical Office Certificate of Completion from the Hubbs Center, students must:

1) attend 80% of classes

2) complete all assigned work 

3) achieve 80% on all online quizzes

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