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ELL 6 is a year-long, low-advanced English language course that gives students the chance to continue to build their life skills while reviewing the content of eight instructional units: Goals & Education; Health; Money Matters; Marriage and Family; Employment; Media, Society, & Law; Community; and Gender & Society.  In addition, students will spend time developing their academic reading, listening, speaking, and paragraph-writing skills, as well as their note-taking, test-taking, cooperative learning, and other soft skills.   Participation in this class will require students to have advanced word-processing and document management skills.


Prerequisites:             230 on the CASAS 187R/188R 


Promotional Requirements:  

  • 236 on the CASAS 187R/188R
  • 5.0 on TABE M Reading Test
  • 70% on Fiction Reading Benchmark Test
  • 70% on Listening Benchmark Test