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ELL-ELL 2 Bridging Life and Work

This section was funded by the 2009 EL Civics Grant with additional funding through the FastTRAC Bridge Project (DEED) for aligning to the FastTRAC Bridge model.  It contains curriculum and instructional support materials that integrate work and life skills for three levels of ESL:


  1. Beginning Literacy: CASAS <181
  2. Low Beginning ESL: CASAS 181-190
  3. High Beginning ESL: CASAS 191-200

Materials are available within the following themes:

  1. Introductions & Personal Information
  2. School
  3. Daily Lives: Weather & Clothing
  4. Food: Shopping
  5. Community
  6. Housing
  7. Health
  8. Work-Job Search
  9. Healthy Living: Nutrition & Restaurant


ELL-ELL 2 Curriculum Bridging Life and Work