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Using English

Using English

These Using English instructional units were made possible by the EL Civics grant (2011 - 2013) from the Minnesota Department of Education.  The units incorporate a variety of skill areas including language development in the four modalities, life skills, technology, transitions skills, and learning skills.

This grant project was coordinated by Lia Conklin Olson.

Primary materials designers were:

  • Lia Conklin Olson (curriculum design and overall activities)
  • Janet Sparks (technology and overall activities)
  • Gwen Griffiths (Anab stories and accompanying low-level materials)

Primary formatting and editing was completed by Christine Drieling

Other contributors to this project were:

  • Lisa Gonsalez (Contributions to the Education unit)
  • Kristin Knudson (Contributions to the Car Ownership unit)
  • Dack Flagel (Contributions to the Citizenship unit)
  • Jane Gleason (Finding and adding support materials for advanced ELL)


 Comprehensive Using English Curriculum