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iPad Handout

Fall 2021 iPad Handout at The Creek

All BCMS Panthers will receive a new iPad this year along with a new block and cord to charge the iPad. Students are to leave their charging blocks at home and not bring them to school as we do not want them to lose the charger.


Monday, September 20: 8th Grade, SPED, and MLL

  • Mr. Hudalla
  • Mr. Stelly
  • Ms. Sanders
  • Ms. Cagle
  • Ms. Hinz
  • Ms. Monson
  • Ms. Guetter

Tuesday, September 21: 7th Grade

  • Mr. Raboin
  • Ms. Xiong

Wednesday, September 22: 6th Grade

  • Ms. Kildahl
  • Mr. Medina

Any questions please contact the BCMS Librarian and iPad Manager, Ms. Orensten.