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Math Enrichment in Area E Schools

Area E Schools Partnering to Advance Student Learning

In the area of Mathematics, area E is exploring how our schools can meet the needs of high-ability students. It is the one area where St. Anthony Park Elementary and Murray have been piloting a partnership where grade skipping is one option in an academic tool kit known as "acceleration."  As the learners advance through grades there are many options to support accelerating learning and work has begun to fully articulate a program that supports the needs in advancing the students in the math standards.

Area E Pathway Partnership: Elementary-Murray-Como Park Senior High-In this plan our learners will take a class at the site that provides the necessary challenge for their learning level.  For example, SAP 5th graders are currently enrolled and taking 6th grade math at Murray Middle School.  Murray 8th graders may enroll in and take coursework at Como Park Senior High School. 

Online Partnership-Students are enrolled in the appropriate math class through APEX online and are provided a time in their schedule during the day with an assigned math supervisor to facilitate the process and support the learners.  

University of Minnesota UMTYMP-This is a fee-based program that provides a challenging alternative for Minnesota’s talented mathematics students in grades 6-12. The highly accelerated courses are specially designed to provide students with an intense academic experience that will stimulate their mathematical interest and abilities. The program, offered through the University of Minnesota School of Mathematics Center for Educational Programs (MathCEP). Students currently in grades 5-7 are identified and recommended by their schools as eligible for entering UMTYMP at the Algebra level.

These students may then register to take the UMTYMP Algebra Qualifying Examination. Upon enrollment students take class at the U of M one evening per week. Murray provides a supervised period each day where learners can access the University coursework and collaborate with peers.