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Reading and Writing Websites

Writing and Grammar web sites

Citation Machine   Useful for citing your resources
Dictionary   Dictionary and thesaurus
ELC (English Language Centre) Study Zone   Choose Level 330 or above
English Grammar Secrets   Verb tense practice
English Page   For Writing 2 and 3
English Zone   
Grammar Bytes   Terms, exercises, handouts and more
Guide to Grammar and Writing   Go to Grammar Quizzes

Khan Academy
Paradigm online writing assistant   
Purdue Univ: Grammar & ESL Exercises   online and printable activities
Purdue University Online Writing Lab   
Spelling Practice   Choose Spelling. Includes listening practice
TV411 Writing

Reading Websites

ELL Literacy Readers

Covid19 Reading Stories for adults/families

Adult Learning Activities   Read stories on a variety of topics (from CA Distance Learning Project)
Children's Library   Want to read a story? Stories for all ages in many languages 
CNN San Francisco   News Related Reading Activities
Marshall Reading Skills for Today's Adults -  stories grouped by reading level
Reading Skills Practice   
TV411 Reading Lessons  

News for You Online  Password: FBD1AB 

Writing websites

English Language Centre   
Form Practice   Practice filling out forms - includes education, job, and health forms
Guide to Grammar and Writing