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Math Websites

Khan Academy

Accuplacer Test Practice

 Accuplace Practice Tests   Practice Tests for Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, Algebra
Test Prep Review   Self-assessment modules and test practice

Addition & Subtraction

AAA Addition   
AAA Subtraction   
Adding Time   
Arithmetic Quiz   Choose settings like Whole Number Addition and then press Start Game
Math and Time Worksheet Builder   
Number Line Practice   
Word Problems   


Algebra (   includes language, basics, equations, inequalities, and graphing
Algebra Help   
Basic Algebra Concepts   
PreAlgebra (   includes Numbers (estimating, decimals, percents...) Fractions, Ratios, Factoring
Purplemath - Practical Algebra Lessons   covers preliminary topics, beginning-advanced algebra & word problems

BST Practice

BST Math Practice Tests   MN practice tests
Test Success   SPPS site for BST Practice



Equal Fractions   
Fractions   Includes adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, comparing, converting, and reducing fractions.
Fraction Visuals   


General Math

AAA Math   Choose a math topic from the left side of the page
Math Dictionary   Animated, interactive dictionary that explains math terms
Math in Daily Life   Includes savings (compounding), cooking (measurement), etc.
Math Tools   Math Topics from Pre-Kindergarten through High School
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives




Reading Charts and Graphs Practice
Create a Graph   
Information about Graphs  






Measurement (Rulers, Thermometers, Time)

Centimeters & Inches   
Clock-Elapsed Time   
Ruler Reading Game   
Reading a Thermometer   
Telling and Adding Time  


Money Web Sites

Bank Rate   calculators, rate information for loans, saving, retirement, credit cards, etc.
Making Change 1 (   
Making Change 2 (   
Making Change (   
Math at the Mall   
Money Smart   From the FDIC. To start, click on "Enter Money Smart CBI Online" 
Money Topics


Multiplication & Division

AAA Multiplication   
AAA Division   
Division Help   Topics - including facts, problems, decimals, etc.
Division - Word Problems   
Multiplication Basic Facts Practice   
Multiplication Games   
Multiplication - Word Problems   
Math and Time Worksheet Builder  


Number Sense

Number Sense involves understanding numbers including knowing what each number looks like (e.g. one = 1), how to count, understanding more-and-less relationships (e.g. two is more than one, one is less than two), and understanding place value and rounding.

Big Numbers   
Number Patterns   
Place Value & Rounding   


Money Management

Websites to help you learn about managing your money.

Hands on Banking   Money management, with pictures and audio
Money Topics   
Understanding taxes   information from