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Art Exhibition & Year in Review



While the Launch Party is over, the gallery is still open! Please stroll through our virtual galleries, gaze in wonder at our student artwork, and visit the "Activity" page to leave a comment about one (or more) of the pieces.


Thank you Mays artists for your fine work!

Art Exhibition Year in Review flyer

Join us for an evening of exploration and fun. Interact with teachers, friends, and family. Provide feedback for important Mays documents including the School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) and the Grade Level Family School Compacts (see below). 


We hope to see you Thursday, May 21 from 7:00-8:30pm at our website launch party


The website will not be available until May 21, but will remain up (without the interractive activities) through June 9.


During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be focused on Student Voice, which is:

  • including the opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds of students to increase their sense of agency and ownership.
  • engaging students in learning experiences that encourage class discussion and academic discourse.
  • supporting students in becoming more independent learners through productive struggle and an increased sense of self-efficacy.

Our school-wide approach to Student Voice includes our commitment to Restorative Practices, inquiry-based learning (IB), increased opportunities for students to explain and justify their thinking, and culturally responsive instruction grounded in relevance, relationships, and rigor.


Student voice is a powerful force in education. How will we develop student voice in our classrooms? How can we partner with famiies to develop student voice?


Explore student voice through the activities we have planned May 21. Then use your voice to provide feedback, during the break out Google Meet sessions, and in the exit survey at the end of your visit.


We look forward to hearing from you!



PreK Compact

Kindergarten Compact

1st Grade Compact

2nd Grade Compact

3rd Grade Compact

4th Grade Compact

5th Grade Compact


Mays Art Exhibition and Year in Review