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Transition to In Person Learning


Mays Bulldog


February Transition to In Person Learning

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For families who have not selected VLS (Virtual Learning School):

  • Back to School Timeline

    • January 25-29: There will be no instruction for PreK-5, Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) or Special Education Federal IV programs while teachers prepare to transition
    • February 1: PreK-2, ECSE and Federal IV programs begin full-time in-person learning. All Virtual Learning School students will also start on February 1, including grades 3-5
    • February 16: Students in grades 3-5 begin full-time in-person learning

Topics of Interest in the Return to School

  • Student arrival (7:15-7:30am)
    • To limit exposure during the pandemic, parents/guardians and other volunteers will not be allowed in the building
    • Color-coded bus tags will identify student classrooms (PreK and K)
    • Staff with radios will be greeting students who so not ride the bus and are dropped off. When dropping off students:
      • Enter the west parking lot and follow “drop off/pick up” signs
      • Wait until you pull up to the crosswalk to the building
      • Staff will assist you
    • Masks are required to enter the building and social distancing will be monitored
  • Student departure (1:50-2:00pm)
    • Staggered release:
      • 1:50 – ASD
      • 1:50 – PreK
      • 1:50 – K
      • 1:55 – 1st Grade
      • 1:55 – 2nd Grade
    • Teachers will walk students to buses
    • Picking up students at the end of the day:
      • Enter the west parking lot and follow “drop off/pick up” signs
      • Pull up to the crosswalk to the building
      • Staff will greet you and radio to the building for your child to be sent out
    • Walkers/MLK/HQB
      • Will be assisted by building staff to their drop off location
  • Busing
    • General busing information
    • Busing video coming soon from the transportation department
    • Students maintain social distances of 6 feet from staff and 3 feet from other students
    • K-12 students are expected to wear masks on the bus (PreK/ECSE students are exempt). Bus drivers have student masks available if needed.
    • Students load the bus from back to front (first on sitting farthest back)
    • Children in the same family should share a seat
    • Buses are disinfected daily
    • Drivers will sanitize high-touch areas between runs
  • Recess
    • Teachers will be transitioning their students outside for recess each day as long as the weather permits
    • Masks are worn outside at recess
    • These areas cannot practically be disinfected but are subject to natural lights and attenuation
    • Students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after
    • Classes must be kept separate from others wat all times, no mixing of classes during recess
    • Classes will transition throughout the week to different, designated, recess spaces
  • Lunch
    • Students and staff will wash hands before and after eating
    • Students and staff will be required to wear masks when they are not eating or drinking
    • Students and staff will adhere to social distance requirements
    • Students enter the lunch room and stand in line 6 feet apart to get their food shell
    • Scanning technology will replace pin pads at the cashier station
    • Students sit two to a table 6 feet apart and remain in their seats the entire time
    • Lunch Supervisors will roll a garbage can around to each table for students to dump their food and roll a cart with a tub for silverware
    • PreK and 1st Grade will eat in their classrooms
  • Cleaning Protocols at Mays
    • Oxivir is used as a disinfectant (it is widely used in healthcare settings)
    • Electrostatic sprayers used in all active spaces either after or prior to the start of the school day
    • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily before student arrival, and as needed while in use
  • Health Protocols at Mays
    • Hand washing and hand sanitizing routines taught and practiced
    • Staff will wear masks and face shields
    • Teachers will maintain 6 feet of distance from students and other staff
    • Students will maintain 3 feet of distance from other students
    • Most students are required to wear masks (face shields will be in use for students needing accommodations)
    • Plexiglass partitions available where spacing cannot be maintained
    • SPPS is providing a learning kit for each student, including typical school supplies that can be used to supply each student with materials
    • Student cubbies/bins used to keep personal items. These can be put near student learning spaces when they are in the classroom.
    • Limited transitions within the building
    • Basic first aid will be attended to in class
  • COVID-19 Reporting
  • Technology
    • Students will be expected to bring their iPad to and from school on their days in the building
    • iPads should be brought to school fully charged

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