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Safe Routes To School (SRTS)

SRTS is an initiative focused on getting kids safely to school in active ways.

Safe Routes to School Community Workshop


As we continue our process with Safe Routes to School, classrooms will be engaged  in a survey during the week of April 9. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week, teachers will be collecting a tally on how students came to, and left, school. Teachers will also record the weather during arrival and departure. This data will give us a better picture of how students arrive and depart from school. This is a continuation of the work done ealier this school year.

The week of October 16 a family survey regarding walking and biking to school was distributed. The family survey and the classroom survey are part of Safe Routes to School (SRTS), a national and international initiative to increase the number of kids who walk and bike to school. Through infrastructure (signs, pavement markings, etc.) and non-infrastructure (encouragement, enforcement, education, evaluation programs), SRTS hopes to make it easier and safer for students, families, and staff to reach school on foot or by bike. 
During the fall a "Rapid Planning Workshop" was held. This was an intsensive single day workshop where planners, engineers, and public health professionals from the city, county, and state came together and met with Mays staff, students and parents to talk about SRTS. 
The product of this data collection and planning effort will be a physical document that outlines short-term recommendations for infrastructure and non-infrastructure at Mays. The document will be concise and understandable, and available to students, staff, and families at the end of the school year. 
Thank you for your feedback during this year of exploring Safe Routes to School.
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