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11/16/2022 - Statement from the Board of Education

November 16, 2022

The Saint Paul Public Schools Board of Education is proud to announce the approval of a new three-year contract with Superintendent Gothard. The Board unanimously approved the contract at the November 15 Board of Education meeting. This step comes three months after the Board completed his Annual Performance Evaluation where he was rated, overall, to be highly effective in his role as the district's chief executive officer. 

At the August Committee of the Board meeting, during which the evaluation summary was shared with the public, there was consensus among Board members to begin the process of negotiating Superintendent Gothard’s next contract. At that time, the Board noted Dr. Gothard’s inclusion of systemic equity in his strategic plan, investments in improving communication across language groups, his public advocacy for school funding, and districtwide efforts to meet students in their classroom settings. 

With his strategic plan SPPS Achieves, major capital project SPPS Builds and ARP investment strategies in place, Superintendent Gothard is expected to work with the Board in developing monitoring systems for student outcomes, evaluate implementation of culturally relevant instruction, and implement tools of community engagement that are culturally responsive.

Among the most important responsibilities we have as a Board is the hiring and evaluation of the Superintendent. The consensus among the Board to negotiate this contract with Superintendent Gothard reflects a desire for continuity as we emerge from two-plus years of disrupted learning and social connections and increased uncertainty. The unanimous approval of the contract reflects the belief and confidence this Board has in Superintendent Gothard and our collective readiness to continue the progress being made and the good work on the horizon for the students, families and staff of SPPS.

In addition, the Board of Education is proud to announce the adoption of a resolution preventing the investment in private prisons, a resolution mandating the divestment from and preventing further investment in fossil fuels, and action on procedure 206.01.01 Guidelines for Public Comment.