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1/24/2023 - Board Statement Regarding Agenda Redesign

On Tuesday, January 17th, the Saint Paul Board of Education unveiled a new regular meeting agenda format. This agenda redesign is part of ongoing discussions about board governance and exploration of practices that can improve student outcomes. With that said, the board's recent decision to extend public comment to 45 minutes and embed it in the regular meeting also presented an opportunity to review and revise the agenda format.

In addition to the inclusion of public comment following recognitions, one of the primary changes to the agenda format is the introduction of two new subheadings - agenda items that require board action, and agenda items that are informational. We chose to add these subheadings to improve clarity regarding board work at meetings. Under this new format, it is easier for community members to see when, and on what, the board is taking action as well as when the board is receiving information. Other changes include moving human resources transactions and the consent agenda under the "action" subheading and removing the old and new business subheadings.

As we move through 2023, the board will continue to reflect on the agenda format to determine whether additional changes are necessary. By increasing clarity for our community, we are confident this new format will guide the board to make the best use of our time at our regular meetings.