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Free Online Trainings for SPPS Staff and Volunteers

Any SPPS staff or volunteer can access YIPA's online trainings and webinars for FREE!

Just type "Saint Paul Public Schools" as your organization when registering for trainings. To learn more about YIPA and to register for a training, visit

All trainings and webinars are facilitated by experts in the field and fall under the following 8 focus areas:

  1. The Field of Youth Intervention
    • Understand the reach and importance of your role
    • Serve as an effective advocate for youth
    • Pursue ongoing professional development
  2. Youth Development
    • Implement Positive Youth Development strategies
    • Understand development channels
    • Support youth through developmental changes
  3. Communications
    • Develop healthy, productive work relationships
    • Engage in collaborative problem solving with youth
    • Improve individual and group facilitation
  4. Ethics
    • Adhere to guidelines for professional behavior
    • Role model self-management
    • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  5. Diversity
    • Recognize and transcend your inherent biases
    • Address your unconscious prejudice
    • See cultural competency as an ongoing process of development
  6. Behavior Intervention
    • Understand the connection between emotions and behaviors
    • Effectively model managing your own emotions as you teach youth to manage theirs
    • Diffuse dysregulated behavior and help youth re-regulate
  7. At-Risk Behaviors
    • Identify the warning signs of unhealthy and risky behavior
    • Understand risky behaviors based on a knowledge of adolescent brain development
    • Know when to report and refer
  8. Mental Health
    • Understand prevalent mental health issues among youth today
    • Learn how to connect youth with appropriate mental health resources
    • Practice good self-care strategies

Take advantage of this opportunity before our district membership runs out on Dec. 31, 2020. 

You may also access their previous trainings which are recorded. Below is a small sample: 

  1. Youth Substance Abuse Prevention
  2. Conflict Resolution Toolkit
  3. How You and Your Organization Can Manage Burnout and Secondary Trauma
  4. How to Navigate Mandated Reporting
  5. Help All Youth Heal: A Journey Through Restorative Practices
  6. Gender Literacy for Inclusive Youth Work

If you have any questions regarding YIPA or how to register for a course, please contact Hue Schlieu at

Hue Schlieu