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New Wording for Lockdowns

The Office Security and Emergency Management (SEM) has revised procedures and language when referring to a lockdown. Please note the changes below, so your site can be prepared. This new language will be included in situation reports (SitReps) relevant to your school or building. For details on procedures for each event, please review your school/site Emergency Operations Plan.

Download a quick-reference sheet.

Old Language

New Language


Lockdown with Intruder


To isolate all students and staff from danger, harm or risk that may exist inside of the building. 

Reasons may include:

  • An unauthorized individual in the building who will not follow proper check-in protocols 

  • Individual inside the building who has posed a credible threat to student/staff safety

Lockdown with Warning


To isolate all students and staff from danger, harm or risk that may exist outside of the building.

Common reasons may include:

  • Reported police activity in the area or neighborhood outside of the building 

  • Suspicious activity visible and/or reported near the building 

  • Potentially dangerous animal seen outside the building (dog, fox, bear, etc.)


Hold in Place

To stop movement inside the building without activating a Lockdown or Lockout.

Common reasons may include:

  • Fight between students in the hallway 

  • Medical situation unfolding

  • Verbal disturbance from a visitor in the office

For questions, contact from the Office of Security and Emergency Management.