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SPPS Achieves: Working on a Positive School and District Culture

Superintendent Joe Gothard

Dear Colleagues,

One of the focus areas of our strategic plan, SPPS Achieves, is a positive school and district culture. That applies to our students and to our coworkers. Positive culture includes a workplace that provides equal opportunity, free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Last year I established the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, an independent department, specifically to conduct investigations through an impartial and neutral process. What this means for staff is that investigations are conducted by an office that is outside of Human Resources.

The investigative process is now separate from performance management processes like discipline or coaching. The intent is that staff members will feel safe and confident bringing concerns forward.

Megan Sheppard, the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, reports to our Chief of Staff, Cedrick Baker, and her experience as an attorney and as a civil rights investigator makes her well-suited for this important role within SPPS.

I encourage you to watch a short video about Megan and her work, available by clicking here.

Additional information about the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity is available on  their web page at

Thank you for your attention to this important topic, and for your contributions to a positive workplace culture.

In partnership,


Joe Gothard