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Please Review Our Revised Winter Weather Plan

Superintendent Joe Gothard

Dear SPPS Colleagues,

The early onset of blustery winter weather over the last few weeks served as an unfortunate, but important reminder about the need to prepare for adverse conditions.

SPPS has revised our Winter Weather Plan for the coming season, which now includes one procedure for districtwide closures for snow or cold weather. Please familiarize yourself with the Winter Weather plan.

Like any plan, our Winter Weather Plan is only as good as the people who put it together and those who carry it out. During adverse weather, that means each of us. We all have an important role to play - especially keeping our students, our colleagues and ourselves safe.

One of the most important steps each of us can take right now is to update our contact information through Employee Self-Service. By making sure our information is current, we can ensure we will receive important SPPS messages or emergency notifications by phone, email and text. Please take a few moments to update your contact information.

You will be receiving a separate email message this week with additional details about our Winter Weather Plan, including staff guidelines, compensation information and who is considered a “mandatory employee.”

Minnesota winters can be challenging and I’m certainly not looking forward to conditions that jeopardize the ability of our students and staff to get to and from school or work. I do believe, however, by carefully planning we can keep everyone safe and informed.

I tend to think positively; there are only 126 days until spring!

Thank you for your attention to this important topic and for all you do each day for our students, families and our community.

In partnership,

Joe Gothard, Superintendent