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Envision SPPS Timeline and Upcoming Meetings

Envision SPPS is a strategic initiative to align our school buildings with well-rounded education programs. Based on the findings of Envision’s 11 collaborative workgroups, district leadership will soon have recommendations to present to the Board of Education. Recommendations will outline which schools to co-locate, combine, relocate and close. SPPS leadership will present  the Board with data and other background information that explains why these decisions must be made, and how and which specific sites and programs were selected to undergo these changes. A Board vote on these recommendations is expected on November 16. 

The schedule of related Board meetings is provided below, including a special meeting that will be broadcast live on Oct. 4 at 5:30 p.m. (a special meeting was also held on Monday, Sept. 20; a recording is available for viewing here). The public is invited to attend and public comment will be taken at this and all future related special meetings.


Please note: Dates are subject to change and cancellation; check the BOE website for exact times.

*Recommendations with names of schools will be announced on the dates listed with an asterisk

  • BOE Special Sessions on Monday afternoons: Oct. 4, Oct. 11*, Oct. 18, Nov. 1, Nov. 15
    • Meetings will be broadcast and the public is welcome to attend in person; no public comment is taken.

  • BOE Committee of the Board on Tuesday afternoons: Oct. 5, Nov. 9
    • Meetings are not broadcast and no public comment is taken. The public is welcome to attend in person.

  • BOE Regular Meetings on Tuesday afternoons: Oct. 19*, Nov. 16
    • Meetings are broadcast and public comment is taken. The public is welcome to attend in person.

  • BOE vote on recommendations at regular BOE meeting: Nov. 16 
    • This meeting will be broadcast and public comment will be taken. The public is welcome to attend in person.

We know changing school programs and closing schools is very difficult for our students, families, staff and community--we do not take these decisions lightly. Based on the data, the time has come to make changes that will allow SPPS to equitably provide ALL students with a culturally responsive, well-rounded education, now and into the future. 

To learn more about how student enrollment and a well-rounded education are so closely tied, please watch the video below. Questions about Envision SPPS can be sent to

Envision animation video