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Drop off and pick up procedures


Parent Drop Off Procedures

In an effort to maintain student safety, please familiarize yourself with the following procedures for morning drop-off of children. 

Children should not be dropped off before 9:00am. Supervisors are not on duty prior to 9:00am; if you need early morning child-care, please check with Discovery Club at 651-325-2680.


Concordia Avenue, Student Drop-off:

  1. Do not turn right onto Mackubin Avenue after dropping off your child; doing so causes congestion for our exiting buses.  Continue one block further to Arundel Street for a right turn.
  2. Drive your car as far forward as possible on Concordia Avenue to allow others to fill-in behind you.  
  3. Avoid cutting in front of other cars when pulling in to the curb.
  4. Have your child exit the car on the curbside, not in the driving lanes.
  5. Be extremely careful re-entering the traffic lanes.

Do not park your car on Concordia Avenue and get out to walk your child in (there is no parking allowed on 

Concordia between 7:00 – 9:30am).


Parking to Walk in with Your Child:

Mackubin Street/Carroll Avenue, Park and Walk-in:

  1. If you’re driving on Concordia, continue one block past Mackubin and turn right on Arundel Street and right on Carroll Avenue.

Park along Carroll Avenue to walk your child into the building.


Upper Parking Lot

If you want to park your car and walk your child into school, parking is available in the west lot for the Rondo building OR park on Carroll Avenue or Iglehart Avenue.   Please note that the lower Capitol Hill lot will be closed everyday from 9:00am - 9:30am.


Parent Pick-up Procedures

All students, who are picked up at the end of the school day, will exit through the Southeast door by the MLK Tennis courts on Mackubin Street.


All students in grades 1-5 will wait inside the building with School Staff Members.  An adult or sibling (6th grade or older) must walk into the building and check out the elementary student with a Parent Pick Up Staff Member.


Grade 1 and 2 students are released to parent pick up area at 3:50. 

Grades 3 and 4 are released at 3:55. 

Grades 5 and older are released at 4:00.


Grades 6-8 are released at 4pm and may walk directly outside to find their ride.


Parent Pick-up Parking is available on the surrounding streets.  Please do not double-park, stop to wait in the

traffic lane, or park in the MLK lot and fire lane next to the tennis courts