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Encourage Students to Apply for Student Engagement and Advancement Board (SEAB)

Encourage and support your students' applying to be on the Student Engagement and Advancement Board (SEAB) next year

SEAB seeks applications from current 9th-11th grade students who are interested in making a positive impact on Saint Paul Public Schools.

We are looking for passionate, creative thinkers. We want to see the students in your schools who already see themselves as leaders apply AND we are asking for your help to also reach emerging leaders and students whose voices are loud, creativity is high, but they do not (yet) see themselves as leaders.

The application process was created to specifically welcome many different types of thinkers, experiences and primary languages.

2019 will be the fifth year of SEAB. If you are able to find space to provide your students with more concrete information on what SEAB is and does - video footage of past presentations to the School Board, impacts SEAB has made on policy or practice, and a testimonial from first year participants are available online at

Full information on time commitment, application, stipends to youth and what SEAB has done so far this year can be found at:

Deadline for applications is June 15.

Students can submit their application in the language they feel most able to express themselves; translated fliers are available online.

Paper copies of the application/flier in English are in your schools now.

For questions, please contact