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Principals: Read about CDF Freedom Schools Staff Training

Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools servant leader interns (SLIs) and 
site coordinators have been hired.

All first- through second-year SLIs and site coordinators are required to attend the National CDF Freedom Schools Training in Tennessee as a mandatory condition of the SPPS agreement of program 

Those who are regular SPPS employees during the school year will be requesting time off from May 30 through June 8 (site coordinators) or June 1 through June 8 (SLIs).

The Department of Alternative Education will pay their regular salaries and for a substitute if needed. Your budgets will not have to cover these costs.

The appropriate staff will complete and submit their paperwork for time off, supplemental pay, and travel requests. Please see the attached National Training Itinerary for more information.

Contact Rev. Dr. Darcel Hill, Executive Director in the DAE/ Office of Teaching and Learning at 651-744-1259 or 651-387-0869 if you have any questions regarding this request. Thank you for your consideration.


Darcel Hill
651-744-1259 or 651-387-0869