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Teachers-only crowdfunding sites

Many SPPS teachers have discovered that DonorsChoose is an easy way to bring needed materials into the classroom. You may have heard that 3M “flash funded” all DonorsChoose projects posted by SPPS teachers last year, or that a national cryptocurrency company flash funded every project in the U.S. a few months later. Dozens of projects in SPPS are completed each year, even without flash funding. Here’s a short slideshow with basics for getting started.

Some SPPS teachers have had multiple projects funded through DonorsChoose and Adopt a Classroom. They have shared their advice and ideas on the Grants Schoology group (access code GXJHM-69NRS). The SPPS Grants Facebook page is another forum for discussing crowdfunding, as well as late-breaking grant opportunities, fundraising trends, and SPPS grant winners.